As an advanced alien society bent on conquering foreign sentient species, we have located a planet within the Milky Way galaxy that contains such life forms. Referred to as “Earth” by the local inhabitants, it is your mission as an elite military operative to collect as much data on these creatures by harvesting their bodies and, in turn, their DNA, the blueprint for their species. The defensive capabilities of this species are minimal comparative to our technological prowess, however they have been able to deduce a fatal flaw in our physiological make up, a lethal allergy to the species known as “cats”. Once privy to your presence the local military forces will proceed to drop these abominable creatures from the sky, you must avoid them at all costs in order to complete this operation. Go now, fulfill your mission for the glory of our civilization.

Created By: Angelabelle Abarientos, Eric LaMothe, Leon Li, Samantha Ignacio


Download 40 MB
Download 40 MB


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very nice